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JenUwin aka Jenifer Joy

Welcome and Greetings! My name is Jenifer Joy aka JenUwin and I am a professional unicorn and an educating performer/entertaining educator!

I play the classical saxophone and ukulele along with a variety of fun rainbow sound makers such as boomwhackers, desk bells, nose flutes, and percussion instruments!

I love purple and have a fancy for spandex suits plus I love to spread joy in unique ways! So I created this business JenUwin Playtime so I could bring music and magic to kids and families to create meaningful memories for a positive life!

Along with birthdays and telegrams, I create engaging musical- story shows that use fun and innovative approaches to promote play-based musical learning and entertainment for people of all ages. While my 'unicorn magic' makes music accessible and fun, my years of musical experience, educational content and cultural awareness provides solid edutainment for life-long love of musical engagement. 

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School Shows and Assemblies

School Programs | in class and after school clubs

Summer Festivals

Community Events and Celebrations

Birthday Parties


Media Content on YouTube (stories, songs, unicorn fun things)

Moving to Thailand to teach English, August 2018

A blast from the the past - Walker Elementary School Talent Show 1990 (I was 8 years old) - Fiddlin' with my mom.

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