Birthday Party Entertainment


A JenUwin birthday party experience includes:

  • A surprise entrance Happy Birthday on the tiny saxophone
  • Song and playful interaction
  • Gigantic Bubble Blowing and Chasing and Popping
  • Story (great with snack!)
  • Song (great while cake is prepped!)
  • Playtime (parachute games, balloons, rainbow body paint or glitter facepaint)
  • Cake time song and ceremony
  • Keepsake Group Picture Memory

Now Offering a New Option! - A Full Unicorn Party! Includes:

  • JenUwin the musical unicorn with moxie
  • Shartey the unicorn 
  • Gift Bags (10-12) with 3-4 custom items (either glitter soaps or colorful bath bombs)

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Birthday Party Entertainment
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Sneak Peak & Reviews

Having Jenifer “JenUwin” the unicorn Lady come to our son’s 6th birthday party was such a unique experience and a HUGE hit! She has an amazing energy and even some of the adults were just entranced by her. We played with huge bubbles, enjoyed funny songs, a fun and crazy colorful parachute, and whimsical quirky stories and impersonations of unicorn lore the whole time. She followed up the party with a goody bag and even a personalized postcard a few days later for my son. Overall this was a one of a kind experience and we will be super excited to see her again :-)!
— Parent
Wow, she was the hit of my daughter’s party! The kids loved her and were totally entranced by her. She was able to read the mood and shift between activities with ease. And the bubbles! Seriously fun.
— Parent
My four-year old absolutely loves “Jen the Unicorn”! She has been the center of her birthday party two years in a row now, and almost weekly, for the whole year, she asked me if Jen the Unicorn could come to her “Four” birthday party and also frequently asked if she could just come over to play. She made a big impression in this little one’s heart, for sure! Jen was totally engaging with the kids doing bubbles, stories, and music. She made the party come to life which made the party so much easier for me! We love her and highly recommend her!!!!
— Parent